Hometown Hero: The Sewing Ladies

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas opened its doors in October 1921. Ever since then, it's had The Sewing Ladies.

Back then, primarily the wives of the hospital's doctors sewed gowns for the patients. Today, the Sewing Ladies from all walks of life gather once a week to sew colorful hospital gowns and exam bed sheets with fun and crazy designs.  The ladies have fun. laugh, share their lives and share sweet treats during their weekly sewing session.                                                        

Their volunteer work saves the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars and it helps the young patients.

Nora Betancourt is the longest tenured sewing lady and she says it brings her peace and calls it a blessing for the children.

If you're an expert seamstress and would like to join The Sewing Ladies call Texas Scottish Rite Hospital at 214.559.7825