Hometown Hero: Michael Kinsey

17-year-old Michael Kinsey loves being a Boy Scout. He got into scouting as a 7-year-old Tiger Cub.

Michael has earned numerous badges, and he loved playing basketball.  But 6 years ago while camping in Texas, he was bitten by a tick and got Lyme Disease. At the time, his parents and doctors didn't know that. They say he was misdiagnosed while the disease got worse.

Michael was diagnosed out of state, and his life has changed.  He's weak and no longer has the energy for basketball. He has high blood pressure related ailments and constant migraines that make his eyes blink rapidly.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD sends a home tutor to Michael five days a week. He hopes to complete his senior year back in the classroom.

Michael also hopes to become an Eagle Scout.  His project is www.tickdrag.com. He's mailing free tick drag kits to anyone in Texas to document where Lyme ticks are.

The Lyme Lab at Texas A&M University has approved the kits and will study what's mailed in. There's no charge to you.

Michael's project will run through the month of April. He reminds those taking part to wear proper protective clothing.