Hometown Hero: Howard Robinson

Howard Robinson has been the principal of Fort Worth ISD's Carter Park Elementary for four years. He got the idea for a creative way to inspire third graders to prepare for their future.

Mr. Robinson started The Amazing Shake. The confidence competition had 29 students. They learned how to look someone in the eye, give a firm handshake, hold a 60 second conversation and express themselves while being kind and considerate. They are skills that will help them in school, on the job and in life. 

From 29 students, there are 7 finalists and 1 winner. I was impressed by their handshakes, manners and confidence, The students told me this exercise was intimidating at times, but they loved the challenge and learned from it.

Mr. Robinson is delighted with the results and plans to hold another Amazing Shake and expand it to include fourth and fifth graders later in the school year.