Hometown Hero: Baby Bags

Since 2015, Altrusa International of Southwest Dallas County has given 200 Baby Bags to expectant moms and to grandparents.

The non-profit is dedicated to community service and literacy.  The local ladies of Altrusa have two programs: "Giving Birth to Reading" and "Rocking & Reading.”  Expectant moms get items they can use and a board book so they can read to their baby in the womb.  Once the baby's born, they're encouraged to read to their child every day to establish early childhood education skills. Grandparents get a bag with a book and they're encouraged to read to their grandkids when they get together.

Among the groups that have gotten baby bags is Hope Mansion, a homeless shelter in Cedar Hill for pregnant women. The moms-to-be deeply appreciate the support.

If you'd like to help more moms and babies read to succeed, log on to swdallasaltrusa.org.