Home threatened after rains trigger landslide in Grand Prairie neighborhood

Heavy rains have led to a landslide in Grand Prairie that's only getting worse by the day.

A couple used their life savings to build a home right on the Grand Oaks golf course. It was only finished last year, but now they're watching it quite literally slip away.

“My wife looked out the window, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, I looked out, the whole hillside was collapsed, retaining wall collapsed, worst thing we could wake up to, a nightmare,” Neal Basgall said.

The Basgalls did not hear or feel the overnight slide that happened just before Mother’s Day last week.

“Cavern almost, continuing to fall down, day by day,” Basgall said.

In the week since, he says things have only gotten worse.

“I believe I’m in imminent danger here,” Basgall said.

Engineers came out and added pier supports to his home, saying it is stable for now.

“Acts of Mother nature are excluded from policy coverage, no remedial coverage or monies to replace any of this,” he said.

To be safe, Basgall and his wife are sleeping in the garage on the front side of the home.

The Basgall’s moved to Texas from Nebraska.

“Decided to get out of the cold weather, get some warmer weather,” he said.

Basgall says he had no idea that the neighborhood had a history of mudslides.

“In the sales brochure it says beautiful golf course view, build your forever home,” he said.

The city built a retaining wall behind his neighbor’s home, but it ends before his property, since it was a vacant lot at the time.

“If it was disclosed to me, I wouldn’t have selected this property to build my retirement home,” he said.

An engineering report a neighbor later gave him says the land could be stabilized by a creek being moved 25 feet to the west. Basgall showed FOX4 a photo he received that shows that is where the creek used to be, before it was redirected.

Now Basgall doesn’t know what he and his wife will do. Their nearly $400,000 home is nearly paid off.

“It’s our whole life’s investment, we sunk every last penny in this almost,” he said.

A final ruling still hasn’t been made on the case by State Farm in regard to any insurance assistance.