Heat doesn't stop crowds at Dallas Zoo's ‘Dollar Day'

Triple-digit temperatures didn’t keep the crowds from taking advantage of Dollar Day at the Dallas Zoo.

Thousands of people took advantage of the $1 admission special at the zoo. The heat did prevent it from being one of the busiest attendance days of the year.

Dollar Day began at 9 a.m. but many people were in line much earlier. Most families have come prepared with coolers, lots of water and sunscreen.

It's the value of a bargain that brought thousands out on one of the hottest days of the year.

“I'm on vacation. And the kids, they've been out of school,” said visitor Daisy Robinson. “So I figured even though it's real hot, they got to get out. We got to get out.”

But with temperatures reaching well into the triple digits, families came prepared with umbrellas and coolers.

“We brought extra drinks to keep ourselves cool,” said visitor Rufus Robinson. “And as soon as we run out of drinks, we're out of here.”

Zoo staff were ready for the heat, too.

“This is probably one of the hottest dollar days that I can remember at least in 11 years,” said Sean Greene, the Dallas Zoo Chief Operating Officer.

The zoo had extra misting and water stations and had staff looking out for any heat-related issues.

“We've got extra medical staff on site in case we get people that are overheated,” Greene said. “We have an area that's air conditioned. We can treat people if needed.”

Even the animals were trying to keep cool in the water as much as possible.

In the end, the visit to the zoo was worth it for many families even despite the heat.

Admission and water was just $1 and some snacks were discounted, but parking was still $10. The zoo encouraged people to take the DART Red Line.

Dollar Day lasted all day Thursday until 5 p.m.