Haltom City teen girl found dead in Fort Worth grain silo

Fort Worth police are calling the death of a suburban teenager inside a grain silo a tragic accident.

Officer Daniel Segura says 17-year-old Monica Hernandez, of Haltom City, apparently had been hanging around the silo with some friends Saturday.

Police called the fire department for help after getting a call that someone was trapped on the roof of the silo. Authorities were unable to find anyone after searching for about an hour but police were called again hours later after relatives found Hernandez's body in the basement of the structure.

Fire Department Lt. Kyle Falkner says holes in the floor and missing stair steps make the silo treacherous for anyone.

Police want to know why the teenage girl was there at night and who was with her and didn't call for help.

"She was with friends prior to her falling into this pitfall investigators are asking a lot of questions if she was there with friends and saw her falling or heard something while she was failing down very important for us to know who was with her,” said FWPD Ofc. Daniel Segura.

Police say they're not sure how the family knew to go to the silos to look for the girl, but police believe the information had to come from friends who were with teenager when she fell.

The family is grieving and didn't want to speak with reporters.

A medical examiner will determine if she fell five or six stories to her death.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.