Giant sinkhole leaves Azle residents frustrated

People in Azle are frustrated with a large sinkhole that's forced the closure of a highway access road.

For several people, the road is the only road that will take them to work. Officials say it may take months to fix.

To fix the giant sinkhole, TXDOT crews will have to get several engineers to draw up an elaborate plan to shore up and fix the road.

Residents along Jacksboro Highway are hoping it's done soon.

Peggy Bailey has the sinkhole just yards from her front door. She says her husband was the last one to drive on the road.

"And just as he got off the ramp, the whole thing just started cluttering and boiling up,” Bailey explained.

The sinkhole takes up about two tenths of a mile of the southbound access road of 199 in Azle.

TXDOT says they will have to spend 2.2 million dollars and four months to fix it.

Kim Millette runs the business sitting on the cusp of the sinkhole that she started noticing it back in April.

“We just have to go around the block and come up the service road the wrong way to get into our business,” Millette explained.  

The business closest to the caved in road has to drive on a sidewalk and along an embankment every day. A contractor said they'll do their best not to inconvenience folks in the area but ask for patience.

TXDOT officials say they will begin working on the sinkhole on June 27.