Garland PD investigating 19 cases of cars vandalized by BB guns

Garland police are stepping up patrols in a neighborhood after 19 vehicles were hit with BB gunfire in the past few days.

It appears to be happening during the overnight hours. People wake up to find their car windows shattered. Police say it's similar to several other incidents that happened in another part of Garland just last month.

It was an alarming discovery that Jessica Urquide made Tuesday morning. She found a small BB-sized hole smack dab in the middle of her windshield.

“It’s scary, honestly,” she said. “Wherever they were shooting at, it could have hit me or my kids. I mean, anybody.”

And while no people were hit, plenty of vehicles in her Southeast Garland neighborhood were. There were 19 in just the span of a couple days in the city. Most of them were in her neighborhood. That's just the ones people reported to police.

Garland police are currently investigating the 19 BB gun shooting cases and six other ones that happened last month. Both have similar descriptions with mostly windows targeted.

“We more than likely believe that it is one group of people,” said Garland Police Lt. Pedro Barineau. “It could be one person. It could be a group of people that are committing these offenses.”

Police note most of the incidents have happened not far off I-30. They say whoever is doing it could know the area well. Police want anyone who has damage to call them and file a report.

“Wherever you are out there, just turn yourself in or just stop doing it,” Urquide said. “People work their butts off for the stuff that they have. And just for it to be vandalized or destroyed, it just takes money out of our pocket — not theirs.”

Garland police say if they are able to connect all the cases and make an arrest or arrests, they'll be able to factor in all the damage costs together and perhaps hit whoever is responsible with a felony charge.