Friends and family supporting Fort Worth Police officer during cancer battle

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The Fort Worth community is rallying around a young police officer battling cancer.

Like most newlyweds, Christian and Hailey Magallon are still figuring things out. Married in October, Hailey a flight attendant and Christian a Fort Worth Police officer, the start of their storybook life has been anything but normal.

"I did the CT scan, kind of forgot about it, went to the wedding had an awesome time, everything was normal. And actually when we landed on the tarmac, turned my phone off airplane mode I got voicemails from the doctor," said Christian.

Within a day of returning from their wedding, Magallon was called back to the doctor for a biopsy that all started after he noticed a lump.

"Maybe a couple days after that my doctor called me back again and he said 'hey, I need you to come back, make sure you bring I somebody with you'," he said.

The diagnosis: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a treatable disease, but one that's taken Magallon off his job on Fort Worth Streets and put a hold on plans for the couple to buy a home and build a family.

"We're thinking like ‘okay, newlywed phase, the honeymoon phase, it's going to be so much fun living life' and you get that news and you just kind of like get in shock," said Hailey Magallon.

Though Magallon was temporarily ripped from his job saving lives on Fort Worth streets, he's already getting help from his brothers and sisters in blue, and in blood.

 "I'm the oldest of three so anytime something happens to one of your little brothers you want to be there for them," said Christian's brother, Det. Brandon Magallon.

Officers are raising money as they can, to help the man who, this time, needs help himself.

"You thought of all these citizens, you've thought of all these calls you gone to and you handled them 100%. It's time for us to take care of you 100%" said Ofc. Buddy Calazada.

The Fort Worth Police Officers Association on Facebook shared a link to a Gofundme put together by Magallon's family. In addition, a group of officers and wives have started a T-shirt fundraiser. Organizers say all proceeds are going to the Magallon family.

You can find a link to that T-shirt fundraiser HERE.