FOX4 viewer helps Irving woman flooded out of apartment

A FOX 4 viewer touched by the story of a woman who lost everything when a water main break flooded her out of her apartment has stepped up to help her recover.

Lecreta Jones and her daughter were forced out of their Irving apartment after a water main connected to an Irving water tower broke. Jones' unit was the only one totally washed out when two million gallons of water surged through the apartment complex.

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“It was twenty of us stuck up on these steps and the water was here the water came this far up into these stairs,” Jones said.

The City of Irving denied her claim citing governmental immunity. She tried small claims court, but her case was thrown out.

Jones and her adult daughter with learning disabilities lost everything.

Ryan Hill saw the original FOX 4 story about Jones' struggles when it aired on Dec. 5, 2016.

“I was very much taken by Lacreta's predicament,” Hill said. “I felt like it was kind of my time to step up and do something.”

So, Hill bought and had delivered a houseful of new furniture to replace what Jones was renting.

“He came to me and my daughter's rescue. I mean I couldn’t believe it -- a stranger,” Jones said.

On Monday, Hill delivered in person a gift card for a new TV for the TV stand they put together.

“We thank God for him because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have this smile on my face now I wouldn’t feel so much joy in my heart now it’s not broke no more,” Jones said.

Hill said he’s living out his faith when he helps others.

“You know you're blessed to bless others and many times there’s a greater cost in not doing something,” Hill said.

Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, who is a stranger no more, Jones is putting her life back together piece by piece.

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