Fort Worth officers hurt in DWI crash

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Two Fort Worth police officers were hurt in an accident caused by a suspected drunken driver.

The officers were on the scene of an earlier accident on the South Freeway at Berry Street around 10 p.m. Monday.

After many Memorial Day celebrations, police say 69-year-old Theodore Franklin slammed into two patrol cars, pushing the cruisers forward and causing one to spin.

The officers who were hurt had been working the scene of an accident that occurred on the freeway.

“While they were working the accident, a car came and hit two police vehicles,” explained Fort Worth Police Officer Ivan Gomez. “Two officers were injured. One was inside a vehicle. The other was outside the vehicle.”

Both officers, as well as the suspected drunken driver, were hurt and taken to the hospital. They are all expected to recover.

Investigators say the officers’ injuries are not life-threatening. But there is no doubt they are very fortunate because the outcome could’ve been much worse.

“The subject was detained for suspicion of DWI. And then it was determined by other officers on scene that he was intoxicated,” Gomez said. “We are grateful it wasn’t worse. We’re glad no one lost their lives. It’s just a reminder just to be careful on holidays and any days not to drink and drive.”

Franklin is being held in the Tarrant County Correction Center on a $500 bond.