‘Fort Worth Now’ task force to help rebuild businesses in city

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price announced on Thursday the creation of a task force to help businesses in the city rebuild.

It’s called Fort Worth Now and the premise is to identify the problems and challenges for local businesses get working on solutions. The focus will be to fully help businesses get back on their feet in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Price said the goal is to raise most of the money needed to accomplish the task force’s goal through the private sector.

“We believe Fort Worth is uniquely positioned to recruit attract and grow new business in this post-COVID landscape. We are poised to be a leader in mobility innovation, pharmaceuticals, medical innovation and many, many other industries that will be crucial to the recovery of our economy,” Price said.

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The public-private partnership will employ one person fulltime to lead and execute task force activities. There will also be a diverse advisory team representing all sectors of Fort Worth.

Short term, the mission is to connect business owners with expertise and funding resources, existing resources and those yet to come. 

Longer term, they want to aggressively market Fort Worth to the world as a great place to do business. The mayor said the COVID-19 “comeback” will reflect a new era of business in the city. 

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