Fort Worth Molson Coors brewery union workers return to picket line Monday

Union members on strike at the Molson Coors brewery in South Fort Worth were back on the picket line Monday morning.

They walked off the job Saturday after rejecting the company's latest contract offer.

Union workers at the brewery joined the picket lines and are striking for what they say they want: higher pay raises, better benefits and healthcare.


Workers at Fort Worth Molson Coors brewery striking amid stalled contract negotiations

Workers at the Fort Worth Molson Coors brewery were striking Saturday as contract negotiations have reached an impasse.

Monday’s group is just some of the more than 400 people who have walked off of the job Saturday and onto the picket line.

It’s been a long fight between Teamsters Local 997 and the Molson Coors brewery. They’ve tried to negotiate a new contract since November but have come up short on agreeing what fair wages are.

The business manager with the local union told FOX 4 the final offer given to them was a 2% pay increase, which he says doesn’t put food on the table.

They believe inflation has outpaced their current paychecks and have pointed to profits to justify their demands.

They’re seeking a three-year contract with those pay raises and improved healthcare and better retirement benefits.

"The workforce is going backwards as is," said Rick Miedema with Teamsters Local 997. "Inflation is high, and these greedy corporations won't pay their workers to keep up with inflation. Plain and simple."

In a statement early last week, Molson Coors said its last offer exceeded local market rates for similar unionized roles.


Workers at Fort Worth Molson Coors brewery authorize strike

Union workers at the Molson Coors brewery in Fort Worth could be going on strike.

The company also said it respected the union's right to strike, and it has plans in place to make sure consumers can still buy its products.

The workers on strike are getting $1,000 per week in strike pay.

The strikers say these are not the only union workers they want on the strike lines. They say their union counterparts from across the country will travel to South Fort Worth to join them in their fight.