Fort Worth ISD, Texas Wesleyan team up to help low-performing schools

Fort Worth ISD and Texas Wesleyan University are teaming up to keep several low performing schools moving in the right direction.

Dozens of Fort Worth ISD students are tightening their grip on what it takes to be successful students.

Nathaniel Leal is a fifth grader who attends Como Elementary School and is winding down the school year with a great perspective.

"What you need to do to be a better student is listen to your teacher because they've been through the same amount of work you've done or harder,” he said. “Because back in the day, they didn't have the technology and all the fancy stuff we have."

This end-of-school-year fun marks the beginning of a unique new partnership between the school district and Texas Wesleyan University. It’s a project to further propel the district's Leadership Academy Network at five once-struggling campuses.

The elementary schools include John T. White, Mitchell Boulevard, Maude I. Logan, Como Elementary and also Forest Oak Middle School.

"So these campuses have really, really excelled and received a lot of support and a lot of resources,” said Pricilla Dilley with Texas Wesleyan. “Now with the partnership, it's just going to allow us to enhance what has already happened."

The blueprint features an extended school day, programs to strengthen student behavior, character and small group learning.

The schools will officially join the Leadership Academy Network for the upcoming school year.