Fort Worth gymnastics coach arrested for child sex abuse

A Fort Worth gymnastics coach is accused of child sex crimes similar to the infamous and disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar.

Skipper Glenn Crawley, 51, was arrested in Indianapolis and is awaiting extradition to Fort Worth. His arrest affidavit says he violated the girls while helping them stretch or train at a Fort Worth gym.

The girls' accounts to police describe child sex assault and abuse that's much too graphic to share.

Crawley worked at the Sokol Gymnastics Center in Fort Worth for about a year. It was within that time that he allegedly sexually abused the three girls. The gym remains open. but some parents refuse to let their kids come back.

Inside the Fort Worth gym is where investigators say three girls, all under the age of 14, were sexually abused by their coach.

The youngest accuser was just 7 years old at the time of the alleged abuse. Her mother says she practiced with Crawley for three hours a day and four times a week at the gymnastics center.

“He was like family,” the mom said. “You don’t think anyone would ever harm your baby like that.”

Mom then noticed her daughter began to act differently and avoided practice.

“I started noticing that she would be hurt wanting to miss class. Wanted to not go,” she recalled. “All of a sudden, she’s sick and limping when nothing happened. Nothing at all.”

Mom says her daughter told an older sibling in April that Crawley had been touching her inappropriately. That sibling told Mom, who contacted Fort Worth police.

According to arrest warrant affidavits, two other girls made similar outcrys saying Crawley sexually abused them in his office, during practice and while stretching them.

One time, the coach reportedly told one of the girls he wanted to "snuggle with her or sleep with her" and that "she was his girlfriend and he wanted to get married."

Russell Prince is the attorney representing Sokol Gymnastics. He says the owner took immediate action.

“Upon hearing the allegation, she immediately returned to the gym and pulled the coach off the floor,” the attorney said. “Once the coach was pulled off the floor, they removed him from the building and let him know that he was fully suspended.”

Prince says the owner also notified Fort Worth PD and USA Gymnastics, which suspended Crawley. The gym is a member of USA Gymnastics, which has been accused by victims of the Larry Nassar scandal of not doing enough to protect girls and young women.

Fort Worth police tried talking to Crawley in the days after the allegations came to light, but he disappeared. He was arrested Wednesday at a home in Indiana.

“When she woke up and I told her he was in jail she smiled and said, ‘That’s sad. But that’s where he belongs,’” Mom recalled.

Mom says her daughter has lost interest in gymnastics and has trouble trusting.

Crawley will be brought back to Texas where he faces charges of sexual abuse and assault of a child.

The attorney representing the gym says a background check down on Crawley before his hiring found no criminal history.