Fort Worth firefighter struck by car urges drivers to slow down or move over

A Fort Worth firefighter is still dealing with pain weeks after being hit on the highway while responding to a separate crash.

In the middle of her recovery, Shonna Moorman reached out to FOX 4 after seeing our report on the Slow Down or Move Over reminder.

Moorman's latest challenge involves a wheelchair and coping with what happened Dec. 31 on Highway 114 that landed her in a hospital for at least a week.

For the first time publically, the 20-year veteran firefighter herself recalls the moment she was hit by a car while responding to a freeway accident.

“As soon as I heard the brakes lock up, I just knew to run because I knew there were two vehicles behind me,” Moorman recalled. “And it wasn't until I started to come around the engine that I saw it over my shoulder.”

Moorman says a FOX 4 story earlier this week encouraged her to speak publically. She says she’s grateful for the story that highlighted the Cedar Hill Police Department's campaign reminding drivers it is the law to slow down or move over for the safety of first responders.

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"The reason I did say thank you because I saw the Cedar Hill Police Department was actually giving out warnings, which I was quite surprised to know there were so many people who weren't aware of it,” she said.

Fort Worth Fire Spokesperson Mike Drivdahl says it is a standard practice in Fort Worth to send a second fire engine to freeway calls to act as a shield. But in Moorman’s case, the second engine was still en route.

"It's unfortunate we even have to do that,” he said. “We're taking a fire truck out of service to protect our own firefighters. If citizens would slow down and pay attention, that truck could stay in service."

“I have multiple firemen who came and saw me at the hospital,” Moorman said. “And all of them are saying it’s not fire that scares them. It’s the highways. That's how bad it’s gotten.”