Former Denton shelter worker arrested for animal cruelty

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David Goucher Mug Shot Denton

Police arrested a former Denton animal shelter worker Tuesday for animal cruelty.

David Goucher, 22, is accused of killing a kitten on his last day of work at the Linda McNatt Animal Adoption Center on Elm Street.

Goucher faces one charge of "Cruelty to a Non-Livestock Animal."

"Employees of the Linda McNatt Animal Adoption Center are dedicated to the safety, care and wellbeing of all animals," Denton police shared in a written statement. "They were grieved by this act and happy that justice is being served."

As FOX 4 first reported on December 22, 2016, police got involved after a witness reported that Goucher killed a kitten on his last day of work.

According to Denton police, someone at the shelter called police on Friday, December 16th to report that an employee had injured and killed a kitten while working at the center the day before.

In a statement to FOX 4, a police spokesperson said:

“Upon arrival, the responding officer was informed the suspect had previously given a notice of resignation and he committed the act on his last day of employment there.

The officer spoke to a Center employee who witnessed the offense. The witness stated she was in the cat area with the suspect on the morning of December 15th. She stated the suspect was holding the kitten while attempting to change its collar. The kitten became irritated and bit the suspect’s hand. The suspect then raised up the hand he was holding the kitten with and threw it forcefully on the floor. The kitten died shortly after this from the injuries it sustained.”

Police said the center has a policy to report any time an employee is bitten by an animal. However, police said Goucher did not report the bite and failed to seek medical attention for the kitten.

Goucher is also accused of “logging the animal out” in the shelter system as "'sick, died in shelter.’”

The person who called police the following day did so because they realized the incident had not been properly reported under the center’s policy.

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