Former Dallas City Councilman Don Hill dead at 65

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Former Dallas City Councilman, Don Hill died Saturday, days after being approved for early release from prison.

He was serving an 18-year sentence at a federal prison in North Carolina for bribery and extortion after being convicted 8-years ago in a high profile corruption case. The scheme involved eliciting low income housing developers for bribes to get projects approved by the city. Federal prosecutors at the time said it was the largest corruption case in Dallas history.

The U.S. Attorney's Office filed a motion on Monday the 8th, to reduce Hill's prison term to time served because he had been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. A federal judge agreed. Arrangements had been made for him to live with family in Desoto where he would serve a three year term of supervised release, but his family has not said where he was when he passed.

Last week, Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston tweeted:

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price posted a picture of Hill to Facebook on Saturday:

Don Hill was 65 years old.