Forest Hill flooding victims prepare for more rain

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More rain is expected this week in North Texas, but flood victims in Tarrant County hope it avoids them.

Flash floods last Friday night damaged about 70 homes in Forest Hill, southeast of Fort Worth.

Carolyn Chance had a house full of flood water as she took a video of the Forest Hill Fire Department rescuing people from their homes. The fire department says 70 homes were damaged by flooding.

Chance’s house sits on higher ground. She was never worried about flooding until now.

“We’re on a hill and across the street is down low,” she said. “For water to come here, it was a shock.”

Chance also got video of her neighbor, Carroll Collard, being rescued across the street where the water was even higher. Firefighters told Collard not to come outside until the water receded, so her bed was the highest place to take refuge.

“Me and my dog went into our bedroom and sat on the bed,” Collard recalled. “It was floating around out there, but we were safe.”

More rain is in the forecast over the next few days. It’s not what people who are still cleaning up want to hear.”

“We can’t stand another rain like that,” Chance said.

Steven and Dee Vernon have spent the last four days cleaning up.

“Anything on top, like the TVs, we were able to save,” Dee said. “We’re airing out mattress because of how high the water came.”

Forest Hill says they’ve been doing what they can to help residents who were flooded. They’ve also asked the state for a disaster declaration.