Food for the Soul helps feed students on weekends

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Hundreds of backpacks filled with food were delivered to underserved children in Fort Worth.

Denton’s Food for the Soul organization brought the bags to Diamond Hill Elementary School Wednesday.

Their goal is to provide meals and snacks to students who may go without proper food over the weekends.

Food for the Soul’s founder said she was blown away by the amount of need there was in North Texas.

“It hurt my heart because, you know, one out of four children are going to bed hungry in my neighborhood. Or sometimes it’s 100 percent in some of the schools that we go to. So, people that like myself that didn’t know and not that we know, we have to help,” said Kimberly Sawler, the organization’s founder.

Since 2009, the backpack program at Food for the Soul has given more than 2 million free weekend meals to hungry children in North Texas.