Five caught, one on the run after robbery and police chase

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Mesquite police are searching for a man believed to be connected to a police chase and robbery Sunday morning.

The chase started in Mesquite around 3:00 a.m. Officers were sent to the Lane Apartments because of a call about an aggravated robbery.

The complainant told police they were approached by a man who pointed a handgun at him and demanded his money and phone. The complainant engaged in a short struggle with the suspect at which time five other men with guns approached, causing the complainant to stop resisting and the suspects ran away.

Police say a short time later another complainant was in the parking lot of the apartments when the same six men approached him and demanded car keys, money and phone. The suspects took the complainants money, phone and silver 2012 Dodge Charger after which they fled the location.

Garland police joined Mesquite police in the search for the stolen vehicle and the individuals inside.

Police found the vehicle in the area of Meadow Creek and Centerville. The driver led police on a chase into Dallas, where the car crashed. No one was hurt. Five suspects were taken into custody.

Three of the suspects arrested were adults identified as (and pictured in this order) Marlon Kinney Jr., 18, Terry Moore, 17, and Daiquan Collins, 17. The other two suspects arrested are juveniles; therefore their names and photos will not be released.

Police are still searching for one more person believed to be involved in the incident. They are also believed to be a juvenile.