Fire truck and concrete mixer collide in Dallas

A collision between a Dallas Fire-Rescue ladder truck and a concrete mixer truck sent six people to the hospital on Tuesday.

The crash happened shortly before noon in the intersection of Hatcher Street and 2nd Avenue in South Dallas.

DFR said firefighters were on their way to a fire at the time.

Witnesses told FOX 4's Shaun Rabb they heard the fire truck's sirens as it came down Hatcher. It hit the concrete truck as the concrete truck tried to turn. The concrete truck then overturned on a pickup that was waiting on a light.

"Next thing you know everything seem like it went slow motion and that was the impact -- boom," said James Kirk, who witnessed the crash.
Four firefighters and the drivers of the concrete and pickup trucks were hurt. None of their injuries were life-threatening, DFR said.

Fire officials said the four firefighters and two other people were sent to Baylor Medical Center for treatment, but all had non-life threatening injuries.