FEMA centers opening up to help N. Texans impacted by storms

Centers are opening up across North Texas for flood and tornado victims to get help from the federal government.

One FEMA center opened up in Sanger, just north of Denton, where Denton County residents saw damaging flash flooding in early May.

The centers are being set up to register people impacted by the storms and answer questions from homeowners and renters who may have been turned down for a grant, but could get a low interest loan from the Small Business Administration.

“A lot of people don't realize that,” said Nate Custer with FEMA. “They think SBA, Small Business Administration, means that their loans are just for business, but that's not the case.  So it may be a combination of a FEMA grant and a low interest SBA loan that can get people back on their feet, especially if they don't have insurance or they are underinsured.”

FEMA says time is running out to apply for federal help -- it wants to make sure that people who may have damage and are in the counties that fall under a federal disaster declaration contact and even meet with the feds by July 28.  

Jim Brown lives west of Sanger. A small tornado hit his ranch in May, and the cleanup is constant.

Brown said he had no idea that Denton County was added to a federal disaster declaration.

“We had damage to nine different buildings and in addition, took the roof off of part of our house and 100 some trees down, so it's been kind of a challenge,” said Brown.

He now wonders if FEMA can help him.

“I'm grateful you stopped by and brought that to our attention,” Brown said to FOX 4. “I will evaluate it thoroughly, perhaps even tomorrow.”

In all, people in 36 counties across the state can apply for FEMA help, so $35 million in assistance has been approved.

Click here to see a list of North Texas FEMA centers.