Feds to step up immigration enforcement

President Trump has now empowered federal agents to work with local law enforcement to round up and deport people who have committed certain crimes -- even if they are here legally.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Dallas and across the country are complying with the new mandate from the president.

“This is a very big story,” said Fernando Dubove, immigration attorney. “You’re talking about affecting the lives of millions and millions of people, including people who are here legally in the United States.”

ICE agents will be enforcing laws put in place during the George W. Bush administration and changed in the Obama administration that will allow them to identify and remove people here legally who are convicted of a certain group of crimes and people here illegally and in police custody for any reason   

People in the U.S. legally with a green card, but have a conviction of certain offenses -- domestic violence, unlawful carrying of a weapon, multiple thefts, possession of a controlled substance – will be placed in deportation proceedings. Dubove says he expects people could be picked up as they arrive to their probation officers at work and their homes.

People in the U.S. illegally will see an increase in ICE detainers when they are picked up for even the simplest traffic offense.

The president hinted at the tougher actions when he announced executive orders on immigration, tripling the number of ICE agents.

“What President Trump is doing he's doubling down. He's gonna increase the number of ICE agents at the jails, the county facilities, which is going to increase the number of people being caught,” Dubove said.

People in the U.S. legally with a green card, but who have been convicted of one of these deportable offenses and completed probation, can still be deported.