Farmers Branch Police Chief will meet with family of man fatally shot by police

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Next week, the family of the man shot and killed by Farmers Branch police will meet with the city's police chief.

On Friday, they rallied outside the police department demanding answers and wanting to know more about what happened and why.

They carried signs demanding justice for Juan Moreno.

"What do we want? Justice. What do we want? Justice," the protesters shouted.

Moreno was driving a stolen pick-up truck when he was killed by a Farmers Branch police officer.

Police say Moreno tried to hit one of their officers while driving a stolen vehicle.

But Moreno's family says video of the incident tells another story.

The public protest comes 48 hours after Moreno was killed in the parking lot of a Dallas strip mall, located off Emerald St., near Interstate 35.

According to Dallas PD, who is handling the investigation, Farmers Branch police officers were monitoring a pick-up truck that was stolen out of Irving.

When the suspect -- later identified as Moreno -- pulled out of a parking spot in the stolen truck, a Farmers Branch officer opened fire, killing him.

The truck crashed into several parked cars.

“A friend of his called me and told me about it, otherwise, I wouldn’t know nothing,” Moreno’s father, Juan Moreno Sr. said. “Now he's gone. Now I don’t have him.”

Surveillance video from a nearby business captured part of the deadly encounter.

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Moreno's best friend believes it shows the father of three never intended to harm the responding officers.

“Johnny purposely swerved around him to flee,” Moreno’s friend, Zach Lawson, said. “The officer not once tried to shoot out the radiator, didn't try to shoot out the tire. He went straight for the head and that was it.”

Two other people in the truck were not hurt.

Cell phone video taken by a witness shows one of the passengers getting out of the crashed truck and surrounded by the Farmers Branch police officers.

Investigators said one of the officers suffered minor injuries during the incident and was treated at a local hospital.

Since the deadly shooting, the Dallas Police Department says it has obtained additional video evidence, and continues to interview witnesses, as well as the Farmers Branch officer who was hospitalized.

Moreno's 12-year-old daughter is desperate for some sort of resolution.

“Justice for my daddy. We love you daddy. You will be missed. He was a good man. He never meant to...he never meant to die like this,” Alexa Moreno said.

The identity and condition of the Farmers Branch police officer has not been released.

He is on administrative leave, which is standard police protocol.

Patrol officers do wear body cameras, but it’s still unclear if officers involved in this case were wearing body cameras.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office is also conducting its own investigation.

The family's meeting with the police chief is being scheduled by the mayor for Monday.