Farmer Wants a Wife's Meghan Baker talks about leaving the show, connecting with Hunter

A sad, real-life loss caused an early and unexpected departure on the FOX dating show "Farmer Wants a Wife."

Meghan Baker, who is from Midland, Texas, had to leave the show during Wednesday night’s episode due to a family emergency. Her grandfather passed away.

Of course, the show was taped. So, the loss happened a while ago.

Baker reflected on that time in an interview on FOX 4’s Good Day.

"My emotions were already high. I mean because you put your heart on the line to hopefully find love and then I got that phone call from my mom that morning and we had just had our one-on-one day and my connections were so real, but family stands before anything, so I had to go home and be with my family," she said.


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Baker also talked about her experience on the show. It’s not easy looking for love with so many cameras around.

"I guess I was naïve about the process. I mean, let’s remember I cried the very first time I got on the farm there that first episode. Because I grew up with the farm life and I wanted to find my farmer because dating nowadays is very tough. I mean, you’re either online or you’re on a dating app. You’re not going to bump into a farmer on the side of the road because they’re working all the time," she said. 

When the opportunity fell into her lap, she told herself it was time to go find her farmer.

"I didn’t think about the reality TV part of it and the cameras being in my face and having to fight for a man’s attention," she said. "So that was a little challenging but at the end of the day I’m very glad that I did it."

Baker thinks she’s grown a lot through the process.

And she still believes it would have been possible for her to find real love on the reality show.

"Obviously there was a connection with Hunter and I before I left and there were real feelings growing there," she said.

She said she’s open to the idea of connecting with him again at the end of the journey when the cameras are off.


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Based on the international format, the show has proven to have wild success with over 180 marriages and more than 410 children as a result of the series.

"Maybe there’s still potential there," she said.

Farmer Wants a Wife, with all its twists and turns, returns Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on FOX 4.