Family wants more from cops after Dallas grandmother hit, killed by hearse

Dallas police said it was a horrible accident that left an elderly woman dead after she was hit by a hearse while crossing a street.

The 78-year old grandmother survived for two weeks after the crash, but died on Oct. 5. Her family says the answers from the police department investigation do not go far enough explain the final outcome.

"We asked the question, was he distracted by his cell phone, or was he intoxicated. What were you told? We were told he had no distractions. They don't know if he was on his cell phone or not because they never pulled the records,” said daughter-in-law Cybill Kidd.

Pauline Kidd was crossing the street returning to her home on Fordham Road after helping a neighbor on sept. 21. LaQuanda Hines says the man who hit Kidd was driving a funeral home hearse.  She says she saw the impact.

"When her body finally came to a stop I remember my husband getting down on the ground, we were both calling her name,” Hines said.

The name on the DPS accident report matches a person listed as the general manager of this nearby funeral home, peaceful rest.

Dallas police investigators say the grandmother failed to yield the right of way on a rainy night when visibility was poor. The driver was not charged.

"Not seeing somebody doesn't give you the right, doesn't give you a pass because you say, ‘Oh I didn't see them.’ He's never said anything to the family, he's never apologized,” Cybill Kidd said.

The family and their attorney do not believe the investigation adequately cleared the driver of wrongdoing.

"At this point we're trying to take a look at the vehicle and have an expert examine it to determine the speed of the vehicle,” said Alex Washington. "Hopefully the Dallas Police Department will turn this over to the DA's office to review it and determine whether or not an arrest should be made."