Family of missing Austin woman, newborn pleads for safe return

Austin police said there are no persons of interest in the case of a missing mother and infant. 

33-year-old Heidi Broussard and 3-week-old Margot Carey haven't been seen or heard from since Thursday, Dec. 12. 

While authorities continue to investigate, the Broussards are pleading for their daughter and granddaughter's safe return.

“What we want is we want our babies back home,” said Tammy Broussard, Heidi’s mother.  

It has been a painful week for the Broussard family as they wait for any news about their missing daughter and granddaughter. 

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“Whoever took Heidi, they had to know she was a fighter because she's not going to go down easy. She was a fighter,” said David Broussard, Heidi’s father.  

Police believe the mother of two returned to her apartment complex after dropping off her son at school. What happened after that is still a mystery. 

“We know that Heidi and Margot were here at the time this thing took place and we have been in touch with many of the authorities and they have been doing a very good job,” Tammy said.

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Shane Carey, Heidi’s boyfriend, is the one who called her parents. He said he returned home from work around 2 p.m. that day and Heidi and the baby weren't home but their belongings and Heidi’s car were still there. 

Carey said after the school told him Heidi didn't pick up their son Silas, he called police. 

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“Heidi and Margot were reported missing to us, to the Austin Police Department at approximately 7:30 that night, on Thursday,” said Det. Brad Herries with the Austin Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit.  

“She wouldn't have left her son behind. She wouldn't have left if she was by herself without notifying us, no way,” David said. 

“And she'd have never left Silas,” added Tammy.  

Police said they have since called in state and federal authorities to help them find Heidi and Margot. 

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“Our assumption is that they're alive and the sooner that we can find them, the better,” Herries said.  

Investigators are putting together timelines for everyone close to Heidi, as well as knocking on doors of neighbors and nearby businesses and collecting any video surveillance they may have. 

“This case is unique in that we don't have a person of interest right now. We're exploring every avenue that we have, every possibility, and, to be perfectly honest, anything is possible at this point,” said Herries. 

“They're looking for Heidi and Margot and they will not stop and we will not stop until this is done, until she's home,” Tammy said.  

Still, even in the midst of this nightmare, the Broussards know they aren't the only ones searching for answers. 

“There's broken hearts everywhere and we want their families found too,” said Tammy.  

Police are asking that any tips regarding Heidi and Margot’s case be called in to them at 512-974-5250, not posted on social media.