Family, neighbors put up Christmas lights display one last time in honor of Bedford man

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Loved ones and neighbors of a long-time Bedford resident are keeping his Christmas lights legacy going after he passed away.

Dennis Bianchi started elaborate light displays in the Glenbrook neighborhood of Bedford three decades ago and encouraged others to do the same. This year, his children and some neighbors put up his lights in tribute.

Bianchi was 71 when he died due to a heart attack during the summer.

"Dennis was the most fantastic individual you ever met and he did all this for other people not for himself,” said Santa Claus, who spoke to FOX4 outside Bianchi’s home on Monday.

It was Bianchi's idea for his neighbors to adopt the theme from the book, "Twas The Night Before Christmas, in Texas that is" with storyboards visible as people drove from house to house to tell the story.

It was a tradition Jason Miller was quick to adopt when he moved across the street from Bianchi three years ago.

"What he brought with his house I think caught on like a virus and everybody truly gets into the Christmas spirit,” Miller said.

The neighborhood, specifically Bianchi's house, became popular for Christmas light viewing. I

“It was a very special event,” Miller said. “The community gathers around for that and he was just really kind of the leader of all that with the lights with the house."

Bianchi’s children said they were happy to see the tradition go on for one final year. The lights are in a neighborhood adjacent to the Meadow Park Athletic Complex.