Family mourns after Dallas nightclub security guard shot dead

The family of a murdered Dallas security guard said he was on his way home after filling in for another employee at a nightclub when he was shot Saturday night.

Kendrick Forrest, 39, was not supposed to be working security at Club 1919 on Saturday, but someone called in sick and Forrest decided to help out.

Forrest’s father had passed away and he went to his funeral earlier that day. He had wanted to take some time to grieve but went into work anyways.

Forrest and another man were shot outside Club 1919 on Riverfront Boulevard late Saturday. The other man survived.

It's Forrest's family's belief that Forrest was killed by mistake - catching gunfire intended for someone else. Relatives say he'd worked security for 8 years and never had many issues.

“He didn't deserve to die. He was a good father, good son, good brother, good friend. Just wasn't his time,” said Barbara Waldon, Forrest’s mother.

Relatives said Forrest always wore a bullet proof vest and they say he was wearing one that night. It's their belief that it could have been a vest-piercing bullet that hit Forrest in the chest.

Dallas police wouldn’t comment on the theory, but did ask anyone with information contact officials.