False active shooter alarm locks down Celina High School

Armed police officers showed up at Celina High School Monday morning because of a false active shooter alarm.

According to the school district, the school uses an app that lets teachers contact police in case of an emergency. For some reason it triggered an alarm Monday morning.

Officers in the area responded to the school assuming the threat was real.

The school, along with all others in the district, went into lockdown mode. An officer went room to room at Celina High, checking on students.

No one was hurt and students were never in danger, but some parents are now angry.

Robert Lankford told FOX 4 he got a text from his scared son about officers in the classrooms with guns. It wasn't until later that he got a call from the school about drill, not a false alarm.

It is still unclear who activated the alarm.

If it was intentional, the person responsible could face criminal charges, the district said.