Fallen DART officer's brother reflects on ambush one year later

With a picture of fallen DART Police Officer Brent Thompson watching over him, Navarro County District Attorney Lowell Thompson reflects on one year since his little brother's murder.  

“We were more worried about him coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Lowell, Ofc. Thompson’s brother. “We were shocked that he came back from there and got killed here.”

The 43-year-old Marine veteran was one of the five police officers killed in the ambush. Lowell watched the tragedy unfold on the news.

“Then I saw the video on TV from the cell phone … looked at that and said that's my brother,” Lowell said.

Lowell picked up his parents and headed to Parkland Hospital. While the family was en route, he received confirmation of the worst kind.

“It was hardest thing I ever had to do in my life was turn around and tell my parents,” Lowell said.

The last time Lowell said he saw his brother alive was two days before the shooting, when Brent stopped by his office to introduce him to his new wife. It's a visit Lowell holds dear to his heart.

“I still have him programmed into my phone and sometimes I stumble across it,” Lowell said.

But the Thompson family has found strength in the community and each another.

In May, Brent's youngest of six children, William, graduated from high school. Days later, the entire family attended the national police memorial service in Washington, D.C.

“We sat around and told some stories then. It's fun to hear police officers Brent worked with to tell stories as well,” Lowell said.

Brent is buried on the family's farm in Navarro County, marked by a tombstone designed by his parents.

As North Texas marks one year since the tragedy, Lowell hopes his brother's sacrifice wasn't in vain.

“We should all be a little nicer to each other and I think this world would be a better place,” Lowell said.