Ex-firefighter accused of drunk driving crash that killed baby

A former firefighter is accused of a drunk driving crash that killed a six-month-old girl.

Fort Worth police said 6-month old Reema was properly restrained in her car seat, but the impact was too severe. The family’s car was rear ended by a pickup driven by a suspected drunken driver.

"I woke up at the hospital and my wife told me that we lost the baby girl,” said Majdi Ghanim, father.

There were other children in the car as well, who along with their parents, are coping with the shock of what happened.

Police arrested Alexander See, 28, and charged him with intoxication manslaughter. The White Settlement city manager said See was a part-time firefighter with the city until March.

Police say the baby was buckled in a back-facing car seat.

"It appears everything was done by the parents to provide as much safety for this child as possible in this vehicle,” said Officer Brad Perez, Fort Worth Police.

Two other children, ages 3 and 5, were also in the back seat. Everyone in the car was wearing seat belts.

"The truck traveled up onto the back left side of the Honda Civic and unfortunately that collision in that location is where the 6-month-old in a car seat in the back was located,” Perez said.

The father says he was knocked unconscious by the crash. He remembers he had to slow down because of traffic up ahead.

All of the family is home now and the emotional and physical scars are starting to heal – but some won't go away. The father says he has no other words for the man who hit them. He wants to know more as police investigate.