Electric scooters banned from Dallas parks, trails

The new rules of the road for electric scooters may not be getting to scooter riders.

People have been spotted riding in places where they're banned. Either people they don't know or don't care.

A lot of people may think the Katy Trail is a great place to test out the new scooters. While it may look appealing, it is off limits. And it’s not just the Katy Trail. The scooter ban is in effect for all trails and city parks.

Scooter riders on the Katy Trail on Thursday said they were getting around with a cool breeze. It came as a total surprise to them to that the scooters are not allowed on the trail.

A spokesperson with the Friends of the Katy Trail says there’s been confusion. Until recently, they finally got clarification from the city.

The group sent out an email blast letting everyone know on its mailing list that scooters are not allowed. There will be a grace period while the word gets out, but eventually the police officers who patrol the trail may start writing tickets with a fine of up to $200.

“They say that you can’t ride the scooter on sidewalks and on the street. So the question that kind of everybody asks is where do you ride it at?” said De’Andre Boswell. “And so I thought since the trail is out of the way and since I saw other people ride the scooter on the trail, I thought why not me ride the scooter on the trail.”

Friends of the Katy Trail has met with representatives from scooter company Bird. They say the app clearly shows the Katy Trail and Klyde Warren Park are restricted zones. But they say the Lime app does not let riders know that. They are hoping the company eventually follows suit.

Friends of the Katy Trail says it’s still trying to determine what verbiage it can use on its signs. Only after those go up will enforcement likely begin.

For now, scooter riders on the Katy Trail will likely just get warnings.