Dogs euthanized after attacking woman in South Dallas

The city of Dallas is considering whether to criminally charge the owner of four dogs that mauled and critically injured a woman.

Dallas Animal Control euthanized the dogs it seized early Sunday morning. The animals are being tested for rabies since the city says they were not vaccinated. That's one of the things the owner has been cited for, so far.

The owner received a total of 16 tickets for loose dog violations, dogs without rabies vaccines, dogs without microchips and for dogs not being spayed or neutered. And police said the investigation is far from being over.

Police said the four dogs viscously attacked a 37-year-old woman walking in the neighborhood early Sunday morning just south of Fair Park.

“She had several bites around her body, especially one on her neck, her arms, her legs, I mean they were attacking,” said a neighbor who didn't want her face shown.

The neighbor said her son-in-law was woken up by his own dog and heard her screaming outside.

“As he got closer, he saw the dogs attacking someone. He didn't know what it was. He says he started scaring them away and they ran off,” she said.

Other witnesses said the dogs got hold of the woman’s neck and legs. As one neighbor scared the dogs away, another called 911.

“The lady on the ground was bleeding from everywhere because she had a bunch of bites everywhere,” said the neighbor. “They just said if they didn't make it in time, that she'd probably be dead by now.”

The victim is still recovering in Baylor Hospital. She was in serious condition in the intensive care unit early Monday.

Neighbors said the dogs that attacked the woman – which the city said were two Pitbull mixes, a boxer mix, and a Queensland heeler mix – have been an issue before.

"This ain't the first time,” said neighbor Donald Glover. “They run up and down the streets all time of night."

Glover said he sometimes carries a Taser and is concerned about his two teenage daughters.

"A lot of times, I'd be afraid for them. Get mauled by dogs trying to go to the store or maybe even just being outside," he said.

“I just know they get out from time, just run the street but I've never known them to bite a human,” said Bobby Sherman, another neighbor.

Sherman described the victim as a nice, happy-go-lucky person who likes to have fun.

“I hope she gets well soon, I believe she'll make it she's strong,” he said.

Council member Kevin Felder represents the neighborhood where the attack happened and heard the same complaints.

“I had an opportunity to go to the neighborhood yesterday because I wanted to see what was going on,” Felder said. “These dogs had been out chasing people before. So there was a problem with these dogs.”

According to city code, there are various options for what could happen to dogs after they bite a human. They can be being declared dangerous and ordered removed from the city, or even euthanized.

Felder said the dogs were put down so quickly in part to allow officials to test for rabies. That would allow doctors to better treat the victim if there were a rabies case.

The dogs’ owner told police he wasn’t aware they had got out and didn’t know how it happened. He could be charged with causing serious bodily injury.

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