DISD Police train for active shooter situations

Over the past two years, the FBI reports six active shooter incidents at colleges and public schools. And with school starting next week, Dallas ISD Police are training for the worst

Dallas ISD’s 277 schools will open next week to around 160,000 students. But their police departments are already in school to train in an active shooter training course.

"We give them real life scenarios. If a shooter was to come to your school, what’s your responsibility? What’s your role?” said Sgt. Montriville Pearson with DISD Poice. “And our role and responsibility is to keep everyone safe inside that building and then go home at the end of that day.”

Each approach began the same in the role-playing practice. The officers didn’t what to expect until it happened.

“First thing on my mind is to get to that situation and save a life,” said DISD Police Officer Glenn Johnson. “We have to preserve life at all costs. So when shots are fired, we have to get there quickly.”

Each role play critiqued so that if it happens for real, the officers give themselves and any hostage the best chance possible to survive.