DFW Airport travelers prepared for delays due to Hurricane Dorian

The Bahamas took a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian as a powerful category five storm.

The International Red Cross reports nearly every person who lives in the Abaco Islands and on nearby Grand Bahama Island will require aid. At least five people have died.

Along the southeast coast from Florida to North Carolina, there are hurricane warnings and mandatory evacuations.

The biggest impact at DFW Airport throughout the day has been the canceled flights to and from Orlando and, of course, most of the Bahamas. Travelers are keeping close tabs on their itineraries and are mindful of possible delays due to a ripple effect.

Maria and Carlos Acevedo and their two children were on vacation in Aruba as Hurricane Dorian hovered over and battered the Bahamas. With the storm stagnant, flights from Aruba continued.

“American Airlines didn't cancel the flight,” Maria said. “They said everything is going to be on schedule since the hurricane stayed longer in the same area."

“This type of event makes you follow the entire storm, and you see everyone who was affected,” Carlos said.

American Airlines updated passengers, noting travel alerts at 20 airports. Around midday on Tuesday, it resumed service from Nassau, Bahamas, and Fort Lauderdale's airports.  But flights remain grounded from Orlando and several other airports in the Bahamas.

Philip Barlow flew in to DFW from Jacksonville for business. But his wife and kids remain there prepared and waiting for what may come.

"We have water. We have batteries. We have everything in the garage so it won't blow away,” Barlow said. “If the storm turns, we have another place in Georgia that we go."

David Price and his family are from London and are wrapping up a vacation in California. While connecting in Dallas, they hope getting home will go smoothly.

"Been looking at the news. Seeing Bahamas. It’s terrible, the devastation,” Price said. “We're hoping for the best. Hoping we can fly around it. Obviously, sorry for the people trapped in its path."

American's travel alerts for 20 airports includes eight coastal airports in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. American is providing flexibility for customers affected by rebooking flights without change fees. This includes capped fares and waived baggage fees through September 7.