DeSoto girl's locker room burglarized, vandalized with feces

DeSoto ISD officials believe they have identified an underage suspect who has burglarized the high school twice in the past two weekends.

DeSoto police said the juvenile suspect caused substantial damage by vandalizing and stealing from parts of the girl’s locker room and multipurpose center on the weekends of Oct. 14 and Oct. 21.

Police said the suspect also left behind feces in parts of the school during the second incident, including where athletes keep their belongings.

At a school board meeting Monday night, frustrated parents weighed in after a police department spokesman expressed the incidents were isolated.

“We do consider this an isolated incident, only involving one maybe two students that we're aware of and that the evidence has led us to these students and these students alone. We are disappointed that these offenses have occurred, and it is an isolated incident,” Sgt. Nick Bristow, DeSoto police spokesman.

But some parents disagree. They claim there is a pattern of inadequate security at the school and they question how well the buildings are monitored. They are calling on the district to take action to prevent the break-ins from happening.

“It could have been prevented had adequate security been in place in the first place. Our daughters would not have been traumatized, and we would not have been at the school until 11:00 last night cleaning up feces off their lockers and their clothing,” said parent Geraldine White.

Police say the evidence includes surveillance video and they have identified a suspect. Police they have questioned the juvenile, but have not made any arrests. Officials said there could possibly be one other person involved.