Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang makes campaign stop in Dallas

Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang made his first campaign stop in Dallas.

Yang held a small rally/ public fundraiser on Friday before moving to a more private high-dollar fundraiser in Dallas. This is while the long-shot candidate, who has only polled in the single digits, is trying to qualify for the next debate.

They call themselves the ‘Yang Gang.’ And they came from all over Texas and even Oklahoma to see Yang for his first campaign visit to the metroplex.

Hundreds packed into Gilley’s to see the 44-year-old entrepreneur who proudly calls himself a ‘job creator’ rather than a career politician.

Yang’s signature platform is the freedom dividend, a proposal to give every American over 18 a stipend of $1,000 a month regardless of income.

In the still crowded field of Democrats, Yang has never polled better than the low single digits. While he's qualified for past debates, he's still on the bubble for the next one on December 19. Still, he’s confident he will.

“The only reason we haven’t qualified yet is because they literally just haven’t run a poll over the holidays. We are going to qualify for the debates. I don’t even think it’s going to take us through the weekend,” he said. “It’s clear to the American people that I’m not a professional politician. I’m just a parent and a patriot who saw that DC is not going to solve our problems and we need to create a new way forward for ourselves and the people of this country.”

In his speech, Yang also touched on the rise of automation, climate change, legalizing marijuana and mental health. He brought up Hillary Clinton, criticizing her for being out of touch with working Americans.

When asked about the possibility President Donald Trump will be impeached, he said he’s for it but also says Republicans have shown they are not in ‘fact finding’ mode but rather ‘defend the president’ mode.

The crowd was filled with a sea of hats with Yang’s campaign slogan ‘MATH: Make American Think Harder.’ A large number of them said they’d never been to a campaign event before.

“I think he has the right solution and the freedoms dividend is great,” said supporter David Leung. “It’s fair. Everyone gets it.”

“I think he’s gonna beat Trump because he’s attracting a wide coalition of different kinds of voters,” said supporter Jurine Elkins. “And the fact that automation is set to accelerate. It’s going to displace many more people, and I just want some good to happen for everybody.”

Yang is headed to Iowa for a five-day bus tour starting on Tuesday.