Deal or Dud: Battle Balloons Color Burst

A backyard balloon battle that leaves people coated in color sounds like a fun idea for kids if it washes out of their clothes.

Battle Balloons Color Burst fill up in seconds and come complete with color that's designed to wash out completely.

Ledgen and his brother, Lake, purposely dressed in white to test out the balloons.

The instructions say to remove the protective caps and attach to any garden hose. Then, the balloons fill with water in seconds. The food color is built in. They even self-tie.

Before long, everyone was covered in color.

Mom says yes, but what about that mess?

The boys and their sister were left splattered, but the color washed right out.

“What do you think boys? Battle balloons Color Burst, Deal or Dud?” asked Steve Noviello.

“Deal!” they said in unison.

Battle Balloons retail for about $13.

More info for the Battle Balloons can be found here.