Dallas Zoo's oldest male chimpanzee dies at 49

The Dallas Zoo’s oldest male chimpanzee has died, officials announced on Tuesday.

Doyle was 49 and was one of the oldest chimps in the entire zoo system, the Dallas Zoo said.

Doyle arrived at the Dallas Zoo in 2009 and helped rear 11 offspring during his decade in Dallas.

“He was kind, gentle, and generous to all the chimps, always ready to lend a hand of friendship to anyone who needed it. He never held a grudge. He was often a mediator, a comforter, a babysitter and a playmate,” the zoo said in a statement.

The zoo said it would closely monitor the other chimps in its care over the next few days. It also asked for people to send their “love and support” to the zoo staff who cared for Doyle over the years.

“This sweet old fella will be deeply missed,” the zoo said.