Dallas Zoo names twin tiger cubs after conservation heroes

Twin Sumatran tigers Nety (left) and Rudi (right) were born on Dec. 6 at the Dallas Zoo. (Dallas Zoo)

The Dallas Zoo named its new Sumatran tiger cubs after conservationists who are working to save the critically endangered species.

The female cub was named Nety after Nety Riana Sari, who has a project to restore forests in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The male cub was named Rudi after Rudi Putra, who’s trying to protect one of the last remaining rainforests in that country.

There are only an estimated 400 to 600 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild.

The Dallas Zoo’s cubs were born last month to mom, Suki, and dad, Kuasa.

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They are still being kept behind the scenes at the zoo but are reportedly best buds.

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