Dallas Zoo launches internal investigation after giraffe's death

An internal investigation is underway after a one-year-old Dallas Zoo giraffe died during a routine examination.

The zoo explained that Witten, who was named after Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, was given anesthesia on Monday during a routine physical exam so he could be moved to a zoo in Canada for breeding. But before that could happen, the young giraffe suddenly stopped breathing during the procedure and was not able to be revived.

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The zoo said it has done similar exams in the past without any issues. They will perform a necropsy on Witten and conduct an internal investigation into what happened.

"Thank you for your outpouring of love and support over the loss of our beloved giraffe Witten," the zoo said in a tweet. "Yesterday was a tragic whirlwind, but we've read all of your comments and it lifts our spirits immensely to know we have the best supporters in the world."

The zoo has dedicated a webpage for questions regarding the giraffe's death.

DALLAS ZOO: An update on Witten's passing