Dallas weather: North Texans making the most of icy conditions

With school canceled and many workplaces telling people to stay at home many North Texans made the most of their time in the icy weather.

In Providence Village, 8-year-old Conor Matejka used the weather as an opportunity to strap on his ice skates, grab a Dallas Stars hat and have a little hockey practice on his own sidewalk.

One of the coolest videos we saw on Tuesday came from Lancaster, where they celebrated the snow like Texans.

Video shows Andrew and Isaac on a folding table being pulled behind a horse on the icy streets.

In Allen, 7-year-olds Camden and Christian made snow angles and even tried their best to have a snowball fight.

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Courtesy: Katie Owens

In north Fort Worth, 8-year-old Dylon Davis broke out the boogie board to try some sledding.

In Carrollton, 12-year-old Carson and 10-year-old Henry grabbed their skis and turned the Country Place subdivision into the slopes!

In Rhome, Krystal Newsom shared video of her children doing what she calls ‘redneck sledding.’

9-year-old Brynlee and 6-year-old Becca were carefully pulled on their sled behind a lawnmower on Tuesday.

Krystal made sure to let us know the blade to the lawnmower was removed before the ride.

It wasn't just kids having fun in the ice and snow.

Lee Taggart posted a video from Princeton showing a man going down the road in a fan boat!

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