Dallas Shooting: 3 found dead in Love Field neighborhood

Police are investigating after three people were found shot to death in two overnight crime scenes in a neighborhood near Dallas Love Field.

Police also say they have learned of some type of criminal activity that was taking place but haven't said what they think that might be.

The first report of a shooting came in just before midnight on Monday in the 7700 block of Harry Hines Boulevard. 911 calls about a truck that hopped a curb and broke a fence brought police to the area.

Officers found a pickup truck there with blood inside the vehicle. They began searching for whoever had been in the vehicle and learned a badly injured man had already been taken to the hospital. He later died from his gunshot wounds. 

Police pulled the registration information on the truck, which led them to a house three blocks away in the 2300 block of Gilford Street. At the home, they found a window that had been shot out and two additional dead men inside the home.

Salvador Garcia heard the gunfire and then huddled over his 2-week-old twins.

"I remember two different guns, two different sounds," he recalled. "So I think that was two guns, two different guns."

The bullet holes appeared to come from inside the home. 

Midday, grief-stricken family members with a growing sadness showed up, including the mother of one of the victims who didn't want to talk publicly. She said her son lived in the home. They did not know the other two who were killed.

"At this time, it appears that these two incidents are related. There is no suspect in custody. We have learned also that there was some sort of criminal activity that was occurring. So this was not a random shooting," said Kristin Lowman with the Dallas Police Department. "We just want to assure the public right now that there is no apparent danger and detectives right now are working to locate the suspect and learn more about what happened today."

Neighbors who did not want to talk on camera also reported hearing gun fire, but they all told the same story of never seeing anything out of the ordinary at or near the home or any kind of activity that might lead to this kind of gun violence. 

The names of the three men who died have not yet been released.