Dallas police investigating two attacks on women in Lake Highlands

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Some property managers in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas are increasing security patrols after two women were attacked Friday night, 15 minutes apart.

The first attack happened just before 11 P.M. at The Hilton Head Apartments off McCree road. Dallas police say the woman was walking from her car to her apartment, when an African American man grabbed her from behind. She described him as wearing gloves and in his early 30s. She fought back, tripping her attacker and escaping.

Then, 15 minutes later, police say a similar parking lot attack happened to a woman across the street at the Villas at La Risa Apartments. The woman there says an African American man wearing black coveralls grabbed her from behind and pulled her behind a dumpster. A neighbor heard the assault and ran after the suspect, but he got away.

Some residents tell Fox 4 they're now taking precautions of their own, aside from the increased security patrols.

"I have a brick in my purse so when I swing it's going to land somewhere, somewhere they know I hit them" says resident Jamie Carter.

It is unclear if the two attack are connected, but police are not ruling it out as a possibility.