Dallas PD officer who collapsed was dead, then revived at hospital

A Dallas police officer who had a heart attack while on duty last month actually died before being revived at the hospital.

Senior Corporal Jimmy Thongrivong collapsed shortly after eating lunch on March 27. His partner was able to do CPR until paramedics arrived at the scene in the Jubilee Park neighborhood of East Dallas.

Thongrivong's doctor said it's a miracle Thongrivong survived because he suffered from heart disease and three of his arteries were blocked.

"I remember answering a fellow officers asking for assistance and we were going down and that's the last thing I remember. A couple of days later I woke up and I realized I was in the hospital," Thongrivong.

The day of the incident was the first time Thongrivong and his partner had ridden together and that partner's wife is a former paramedic who knew CPR.

Doctors implanted stents in Thongrivong's arteries and said he would be able to return to normal duty once he's fully recovered.

Thongrivong, his partner and his doctor talked spoke with reporters Thursday morning just before he was released from the hospital.