Dallas PD: Man sneaks into apartment through window, rapes 2 girls

Dallas police caught a suspected child predator they say snuck into a Lake Highlands apartment and sexually assaulted young girls.

Oscar King, 34, remains jailed on $200,00 bond. Police say he’s confessed to sexually assaulting two little girls after breaking into their bedroom through a window.

The alleged incident happened around 3 a.m. Wednesday at Newport Landing Apartments in the Lake Highlands district of Dallas.

King is accused of entering a bedroom where three sisters were sleeping: ages 10,12 and 13. Police say he got in through an unlocked window of the first-floor apartment.

The arrest affidavit says the window was unlocked because one of them had a headache and the others opened it to give her some fresh air. The affidavit describes the assault on the 12-year-old and 13-year-old. He told the 13-year-old that “he was going to kill her family members if she didn’t cooperate.”

Police say at some point the 12-year-old jumped on King’s back and began punching and kicking him. After they began screaming, King ran and fell out the window after tripping over a table. Police say the girls’ dad ran into the room after hearing the screaming and tried to follow King.

The attacker got away. But when police arrived, they say someone at the leasing office immediately alerted them to a man who had been seen numerous times on the property. They said, “he would knock on windows and doors late at night and when someone answered or looked out (he would expose himself).”

The apartment employee gave police a picture of King and his car and its license plate. Police staked out his car at another apartment complex about three and a half miles away. When he came to get in it, they arrested him without incident.

According to the arrest affidavit, King confessed when detectives questioned him about the attacks.

King is also charged with burglary with intent to commit another felony and a probation violation on a previous conviction for a domestic assault.