Dallas PD distributes 20,000 door hangers for Safe Neighborhood Operation to make city safer

The Dallas Police Department, along with other local and federal agencies, is working to reduce violent crimes in northeast Dallas, and succeeding.

Officers are creating a safer city one neighborhood at a time, with the current focus on eliminating violence and crime in northeast Dallas.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall says that’s possible through education.

20,000 door hangers were distributed on Saturday that explained to residents how to report crimes or suspicious activity.

"What we're focusing on is what crimes are happening in the area. Where are they happening and what we can do working together to make sure we prevent those,” Hall said. “I mean, these are business owners, as well as residents, so what most people don't even understand exactly is what law enforcement does, and what actions are taken and how these crimes are prosecuted. So just educational awareness and making sure they're involved along the process."

This community outreach event was put on as part of Dallas Divisions project Safe Neighborhood Operation.

It’s a partnership between the Dallas Police Department, the Department of Justice, and other federal and local law enforcement agencies to bring more resources to the table.

The operation launched about 10 months ago, and honors fallen DPD Officer Rogelio Santander.

He was shot and killed last April by a shoplifting suspect at a northeast Dallas Home Depot.

Dallas police officials say since their efforts began, they've seen a 22 percent reduction in violent crimes.

“You have to have community involvement. Without people, there's no way we can do it. We don't have a large enough department and no department in America is large enough to do it without community," DPD Deputy Chief Avery Moore said.

Once law enforcement gets a tip, they can go to certain areas, run warrants, and then make arrests.

The hope is the operation will expand, improving not only northeast Dallas, but other areas of the city as well.

"We get testimonies that they enjoy their neighborhoods now. The businesses are flourishing now because people feel safe and can come visit those areas," Moore added.

Dallas police will be hosting a job fair event on Saturday, May 4, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the gymnasium at Lake Highlands Freshman Center.